Ospreys Celebrate Spectacular First Week

by Eli Patino

June 1st, 2024 marked the first important milestone for the Jacksonville Ospreys as they opened up Jack Amyette Park to the community, to gather and join them in starting off their Inaugural Season of 2024!

Starting off with a 2-0 winning streak as they entered the field Saturday, the Ospreys set their sights high and our expectations soared well beyond what we thought! With an attendance of well over 2500 people, the Team was excited to share such a groundbreaking event with the community of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. After remarks made by the Owners, Mayor Sammy Phillips, and introductions to the entire 2024 Osprey Team, Mayor Phillips received the honor of throwing the Inaugural First Pitch of the game, and the season! Farm Bureau was the main sponsor that made Opening Day and its activities possible!

Against the Brunswick Surfin Turfs the Ospreys walked away with a loss of 5-1 against the Turfs. Despite the loss, the players were not discouraged as they looked to the next few games.

June 2nd, marked our Half-Way to Halloween Theme Night, with everyone's favorite video game hero Mario, threw the first pitch on behalf of Roto-Rooter, the sponsor of the theme night. The Ospreys walked away with yet another loss against the Sandhill Bogeys 5-4. 

With a standing of 2 wins, 2 losses the Ospreys' determination reached new heights on June 4th as they battled beak and claw with the Kingston Wingmen. The first pitch was made by a young lady who was celebrated her birthday with a First Pitch to Quinn Shultz. Celebrating National Safe Day, with law enforcement, and first responder activities and events, the Ospreys made a stellar comeback during the 8th inning against their feathered foe the Wingmen. The Ospreys walked off the field with their first home win with 6-7. 

On June 6th the Ospreys played the Sandhill Bogeys once again, however there was a 3rd player to compete with; the North Carolina Thunderstorm. After passing 6 innings, the Bogeys had the lead with 3-2 against the Ospreys. Shortly after, both teams fell subject to a heavy downpour which ended the game. An sad and unexpected turn of events, the Ospreys will head to play the Rockfish, and the Surfin Turfs this Friday and Saturday. 

Ending this week of Home games 3-3 the Ospreys will take the fight away from the Nest until Sunday June 9th, in which they will go against the Hope Mills Rockfish on Character Night!