by Jairus Hill

If you are looking for volunteer hours, real life work experience, or even the chance to be apart of one of the greatest Baseball Teams this side of the New River, then the Jacksonville Ospreys are for you! We are looking for great attitudes and hard working spirit to help us build up our Team for our Inaugural Season in 2024! We don't believe that Interns or Staff should be subject to busy work or paper pushing, we believe in giving people a chance to spread their wings and fly! From here until next season there will be a big push in our Marketing Wing to spread awareness of the Team, and YOU can be apart of it! If you have good ideas, we want to hear them! If you are a hard worker, we will give you our most important projects! If you have a great attitude, then we will make sure that we have the best time in helping bring Summer Collegiate Baseball to Jacksonville and the surrounding areas!

If you or someone you know are interested, then check out the "Work for the Ospreys" Page and put in your application! We would love to meet you!